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                                                                                 Introduction of Jinjiang Wancheng Cycling Garments Co.,Ltd
Wow, time flies! Since we have been in the cycling garments industry, 12 years passed by without any notice. The good and hard time we experienced now bring a multitude of feeling surging up in my mind. First of all, I would like to specially say thanks to Briko, Briko is our first customer and helped us a lot to build our production system and quality system in the very beginning years. The know-how Briko taught us is still benefiting us. Thank you for your trust and give us the first order, without that, we cannot reach today. We are always grateful to that though now Briko doesn’t work with us any more for certain reasons.
 Secondly, after 10 years’ hard working, this concept is reinforced once and again to us: learning is just like rowing against the flood, either you must forge ahead or you keep falling behind. We know in depth our progress is based on hard working, no short cut, no dependence on luckiness, no indulgence in illusion, being industrious is the only way to reach or get close to success. For the benefit of the customers as well as our own, we will keep working diligently.
 Maybe you knew already, the south-eastern city Jinjiang of Fujian province is well known for its domestic brands. Actually this city has another more famous name: The city of brands. Anta, X-Step, 361, The 7th, King Boxing, Seven Wolves, SBS zipper, Color Kids etc are all located in this city. Jinjiang has very good and sufficient garment industrial chain. From fabric weaving, fabric dyeing, accessory producing to garments making, the industry chain in Jinjiang is one of the best you can find in China. What is more, Jinjiang has its own airport which has connections to 32 cities (including Hong Kong and Macau), to have visit to this city is really easy and convenient. To make shipment, we have Xiamen —the 4th biggest sea port in China , from Jinjiang to Xiamen, it takes only about 45 minutes’ driving. Xiamen airport has direct flights to almost all the other Chinese cities and some western cities. That is why in year 2001 we decided to establish our factory in the city Jinjiang. Actually we are quite proud of our decision.
After 12 years’  effort and endeavor, now we are the biggest and best cycling wear maker in China. Having served 12 years for the world famous brands like Castelli, New Balance, Endura, Craft, 2XU, BBB,Madison,Canari,Avant,Sportful, Newline, Bicycling Line, Northwave, we got a lot of experience and know-how to make best fit cycling wears. Plus, the perfect pattern-making system Gerber helps us to work more closely with the buyer’s designer. They only have to send by email the pattern files, then our technicians can work directly on that or make changes according to the customer’s requirements. It saves a lot of time and improves effectively the efficiency. Experienced workers, some stayed in our factory for almost 10 years, are very diligent, dedicated and good masters of their professional tools (All the 36 sets of 4-needle-6-thread flatlock sewing machines are from Taiwan or Japan. The other facilities are also well known brands from joint manufacturers).
Some buyers are interested to know how much our capacity exactly is. I can say, we are very professional makers which only makes Cycling pants, running pants, Compression wears, Cycling jerseys and Triathlon garments. So our efficiency is actually very high. Now we have 330-plus sewing workers, every month we can produce around 120,000 pieces of garments. But due to the feature of this industry, the orders are usually not big in quantity (and abundant in styles), so actually we always have more capacity than needed.
Here below please find some information of our factory.
Total Square Meter occupied: 26000 square meters.
Worker: 332 at this moment (summarized at the date 2013-12-12)
Brands we are working with: Castelli, New Balance, Endura, Madison, BBB, Craft, 2XU, Sportful, Newline, Bicycling Line, Northwave, Polaris, Silvini, Avant, Canari, Shebeest,Outreck, Ozon, Astral.
4-needle-6-thread flatlock sewing machine: 48 sets
Transfer print machine: 24 sets.
Cutting Table: 5 sets
Bar tack machines: 8 sets
One needle sewing machine: 102 sets
Overlock sewing machine: 80 sets
Two needle sewing machine: 60 sets
3-needle-5-thread flatlock sewing machine: 64 sets.
Waistband sewing machine: 16 sets.

Sports bring heath to people; make people active, fresh every day and more energetic. Cycling is one sport which produces no pollution. It is popular and bound to be more popular in the future. Being a professional cycling wear producer, we will be dedicated and take our share of responsibility to support this wonderful sport by supplying people “good equipment”!
Sincerely, you are welcome to contact us at the following address for cooperation or any other information about our factory.

Company: Jinjiang Wancheng Cycling Garments Co,Ltd
Address: No 8, Dagongshan Road, Cizao Packaging&Printing Industrial Park, Jinjiang city, Fujian province, China.
Zip Code: 362200

Phone No: 0595-85205999
Fax No: 0086-595-85605891
Mobile: 0086-13905975547
Contact Person: Jamie Chen (Share-holder of the company, Chief of the sales)
Email: jamie@gloever.com

Website: http://www.ruicycling.com

You may also have a look around the other pages of our website, but please kindly note, some pictures are just taken from our customer’s websites, the purpose is only to show what we are making and what we can make . Though we made the majority of these styles for our customers, to protect the customer’s rights, we cannot copy these styles for any other customers. For your own styles, we will use our experience to turn your designs into concrete and touchable products.

Address: Hanjiang Road, Hong Ku Industrial Park, Shishi, Fujian province, China.  Zip Code: 362700  Fax: 0086-595-85605891  Mobile: 0086-13905975547
Contact Person: Jamie Chen (Share-holder of the company, Chief of the sales)  Website: http://www.ruicycling.com  闽ICP备11016399号-1